Sunday, September 21, 2008

" Old Wares"

I have read this sentence "Do the Planet a favor, buy antiques and vintage design" on my favorite site. My first thought was "Yeah ...well, I wish I could afford to buy all these beautiful antiques.

Photo Thanks to Le Petit Cabinet De Curiosites

Fauteuil LouisXV period 1770
Photo Thanks To Unique France (Brisbane)

When I thought about it a little more the second parallel came into my mind and I realized buying vintage or used furniture is actually "green". If someone gives a second chance of life to a beautiful vase or a little run down solid timber table or... it doesn’t end up dumped into landfills we are doing our planet a big favor. There is little environmental impact from vintage furniture. No further resources are used to manufacture it, which makes it a viable green alternative.
For me personally there is a big bonus - the thrill of the hunt. You start digging through those little shops, local antique places, junk shops, garage sales, flea markets, thrift shops, eBay, the Salvation Army and other charity stores, and sometimes you hit the jackpot and find a vintage piece that is highly collectible or simply you find little treasure special just for you.

Vintage is the way to go.

Photo Thanks to Absolutely Beautiful things

Photo Thanks to Eddie Ross
(P.S. Eddie, Big Thanks for including me in your favorite blog list)

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