Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Way They Live - Juan Pablo Molyneux

Juan Pablo Molyneux in his NY home. What a grand, incredible world Mr Juan Pablo Molyneux lives in, but what a thoughtful, courteous and cultured man he is. His design company works on some of the most astounding design projects in the world, palaces in India, a building in Russia for the ceremonial signing of treaties, castles in the Caribbean.

Hotel Claude Passart, the 17th century Paris residence of Mr. and Mrs. Juan Pablo Molyneux.

Juan Pablo Molyneux and his wife, Pilar, were invited by the Comte de Pourtalès—a descendent of Talleyrand’s—to lease an apartment on the grounds of his estate, the Château du Marais.

The Marais is widely considered the most beautiful example of 18th-century palace architecture in private hands.

In the wine cave,three maiolica vases from San Gimignano rest on a 17th century table. "Typically, we gather here for wine and cheese," the designer noted.

At the rear of the apartment, overlooking the moat and the property’s densely forested park, is a broad terrace, which has contemporary outdoor furniture.

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