Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bamboo ...again

I dont know why I still call this "bamboo" chair but... (if Starck call his polycarbonate Louis chair- Ghost I can call this ...?? ) I think I will check Joe Nye web page if he has some special name for this one. I've found this picture on Mrs.Blandings blog.
Theodore Alexander in Laura Kincade

Jonathan Adler shop US$495.00-650.00

Photos House Beautiful

Not long ago I did the post about anything bamboo - look a like bamboo I love so much, right now. While checking what is new in Briliant Asylium world I come across this beautiful Crate and Barrel Kioto flatware (it reminds me Tiffany&Co so much)she posted last Sunday (thank you) and I just have to have it.
Have you seen something like this in Australia?

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